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Executive White Paper

Today your Internet bandwidth is being consumed at ever greater rates, making it a high priority to find solutions that affordably and effectively optimize your Internet bandwidth. With the growth of cloud-based computing, Video on Demand, SaaS, VoIP, and "all things web", the load that Internet traffic is putting on your network pipes has never been greater.

NetEqualizer technology helps you to optimize your network bandwidth by intelligently shaping your Internet traffic. This solution briefing is intended to get you quickly up-to-speed on the NetEqualizer technology, what it can do for you, & why you might want to consider it for your environment.


Equalizing Technical White Paper

Equalizing Technical White Paper

Five (5) page detailed review of network optimization technologies, geared to Technologists at all levels. Our exclusive Technical White Paper describes the various technologies available to deal with network congestion issues, including our next generation, behavior-based, "equalizing" technology. If you are at all interested in expanding your technical knowledge on QoS, VoIP and optimizing converged networks, this is a must read.

Comparison White Paper

Comparison White Paper

We often get asked how NetEqualizer compares to companies that do Application Shaping (aka “deep packet inspection (DPI)”, or "Layer-7" shaping). Our Comparison White Paper will clarify the differences between NetEqualizer’s behavior-based approach and the rest of the pack.

Caching Executive White Paper

Caching Executive White Paper

Two (2) page overview of the NetEqualizer Caching Option (NCO), geared to Management at all levels. This article will get you up-to-speed on what NCO is, why you should consider it for your network, and how it complements our core Equalizing technology.

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If you are interested in learning more about the NetEqualizer product series, or would like to schedule a technical consultation, please call 303.997.1300 x103 or email

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