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Faster Networks. Zero Maintenance. Best Prices.

Bandwidth Shaping at its best. We are different and better. Our traffic shaping appliances use our unique behavior-based Equalizing fairness algorithms to automatically provide bandwidth management (aka traffic shaping, packet shaping) for your network. Immediately you will see higher QoS and optimal network performance, all while reducing maintenance and customer complaints.


NetEqualizer Reaches Three Million Users and Growing.

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NetEqualizer Traffic Shaping Appliances set up quickly, require little maintenance once configured, and automatically reduce congestion on your network
using our behavior-based shaping algorithms ("equalizing"). NetEqualizer appliances are affordably priced, and license-upgradeable to grow with your network.

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Executive White Paper

This article is a quick read, and will get you up-to-speed on our behavior-based (aka "Equalizing") bandwidth shaping philosophy. Includes an overview of Equalizing, our core capabilities, and how the NetEqualizer compares to other traffic shapers. Read the white paper...

NetEqualizer Comparison White Paper

We often get asked how NetEqualizer compares to companies that do Application Shaping (aka “deep packet inspection (DPI)”, or "Layer-7" shaping). Our Comparison White Paper will clarify the differences between NetEqualizer’s behavior-based approach and the rest of the pack. Read more...

Let us walk you through a personalized NetEqualizer Demo to see if the NetEqualizer is right for you.

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Dynamic Real-Time  Reporting

As of Software Update 7.1, we offer Dynamic Real-Time Reporting (RTR); as of this second traffic monitoring for IPv4 and IPv6 traffic. Sortable and searchable reports include Active Connections, Top 10 Flows, Connection Counts (possible P2P), and Penalized Flows. Traffic History graphs displaying from 10 minutes up to 4 weeks of data are also available. For more details on RTR, read the Dynamic RTR section of our User Guide.

NetEqualizer Caching Option

Available as an add-on to Release 5.0 our embedded caching capability, targeted to cache YouTube videos (read FAQ). When NCO is activated, a squid proxy server is loaded, along with proprietary NetEqualizer Caching configuration and integration software. Register for our Caching White Papers to learn more...