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NetEqualizer appliances are bandwidth shaping appliances available in a range of configurations from 20Mbps up to 10Gbps (full duplex), designed for voice and data networks.

NetEqualizer's built-in rules-based, application-level traffic-shaping technology dynamically controls traffic based on current network usage. When the network is congested, the fairness algorithm favors business class applications, including VoIP, email, web applications, and web browsing, at the expense of large file downloads. This approach allows network administrators to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction without having to purchase additional bandwidth, and without having to build and manage extensive policy libraries.

Our traffic shapers meet the needs of both management and staff, as we provide real-time and historical reporting to help you monitor & manage your network environment.

The NetEqualizer, offers unique, low-cost solutions to both network and backhaul congestion. The NetEqualizer:

  • Provides QoS that favors business class applications, such as VoIP, email, web applications (SaaS and the Cloud), and web browsing over recreational use.
  • Controls excessive bandwidth use by non-priority applications.
  • Dramatically reduces Help Desk and Service calls.
  • Requires little ongoing maintenance (no policy files to maintain).
  • Setup is easy, can be installed & configured by most in 1-3 hours.

Currently there are three product series:

NetEqualizer 3000, 4000, and 5000 series

Designed for voice and data networks, these appliances provide a non-intrusive, plug-and-play solution that assures customer satisfaction – without adding bandwidth. The standard NE3000 shapes bandwidth bidrectionally from 20Mbps to 1Gbps, while our workhorse NE4000 starts at 1Gbps and shapes up to 5Gbps, and our powerhouse NE5000 shapes 10Gbps of traffic.  Data Sheets

NetEqualizer Data Sheets

NetEqualizer Colleges & Universities Guide

Read our Data Sheets to learn more about the key features & functions of the NetEqualizer.

NetEqualizer Colleges & Universities Guide

Learn more how the NetEqualizer compares to other traffic shaping technologies.

The NetEqualizer Live Demo Site allows you to take a self-guided tour using our Product Demonstration Guide. For assistance at any time, please contact us for a guided walkthrough.

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