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NetEqualizer appliances are bandwidth shaping appliances available in a range of configurations from 20Mbps up to 10Gbps (full duplex), designed for voice and data networks.

NetEqualizer's built-in rules-based, application-level traffic-shaping technology dynamically controls traffic based on current network usage. When the network is congested, the fairness algorithm favors business class applications, including VoIP, Web browsing, chat and email, at the expense of large file downloads. This approach allows network managers and operators to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction without having to purchase additional bandwidth, and without having to build and manage extensive policy libraries.


NetEqualizer Data Sheets

NetEqualizer 3000 series: "standard" solution. Shapes 20Mpbs to 1Gbps bi-directionally.

NE4000 Data Sheet

NetEqualizer 4000 series: "workhorse" solution. Shapes 1Gbps to 5Gbps bi-directionally.

NetEqualizer 5000 series: "powerhouse" solution. Shapes 10Gbps bi-diredctionally.

NetEqualizer 2000 series:
(Discontinued) Reference for NE2000 owners.


  • Implement QoS for your Cloud Applications, WAN, and Internet traffic with a minimal amount of setup and low maintenance costs.
  • Prioritize business-class traffic using Equalizing algorithms that speed up business-class network traffic.
  • Increase user satisfaction and reduce support calls by solving network congestion and eliminating brown-outs.
  • Reduce IT maintenance support time & cost. No policy files to maintain.
  • Gain visibility into network usage. Our Dynamic Real-Time Reporting (RTR) shows you what is going on at this very moment and up to 4 weeks in the past.
  • Contain P2P traffic. Manage both encyrpted and unencrypted P2P on your network.
  • Control costs and protect your investment. Reasonably-priced solutions are expandable as you add bandwidth via licensing upgrades.
  • Advanced capabilities include monitoring for suspected DDoS attacks, and the ability to thwart them with a DDoS Firewall, setting Bandwidth Quotas, complying with RIAA Requests, acting as a CALEA probe, caching static content via NetEqualizer Caching Option (NCO), and reporting by username via NetEqualizer Directory Integration (NDI).

Hardware Options (back to top)

  • Models: Available in three model series: NE3000, NE4000, and the NE5000. Data Sheets detail features and specifications of each model.
  • Bridge: Acts as a Transparent Bridge on your network.
  • Redundancy: For Full Redundancy, dual-configure two NetEqualizers in active/passive mode via Spanning Tree Protocol.
    Or consider the NE5000 series, which will provide built-in bypass upon failover and redundant power.
  • Failover: Failover is built into the NE5000. For all other models, handle via your Switch or configure via an external bypass switch. NetEqualizer offers a 3rd party bypass switch.
  • Fiber: NE5000: 10Gbps SM or MM Standard. NE3000/NE4000: Ethernet connectivity standard. Multi-mode and Single-mode 1Gbps and 10Gbps Fiber options available. 10Gbps copper also available.


Core Capabilities (back to top)
Equalizes From 20Mbps up to 10 gigabits traffic (full duplex).
QoS Implemented via behavior-based bandwidth shaping. “Fairness” algorithms give priority to latency-sensitive applications, such as VoIP, web browsing, chat and e-mail over large file downloads and video.
Bandwidth Limiting Bandwidth can be limited by individual IP, Class B or Class C subnets, VLANs, Pools, or MAC address. We offer bursting above the rate limit for individual IP addresses.
Bandwidth Rules Supports up to 20,000 simultaneous bandwidth rules.
P2P Containment Turn-key behavior-based control and containment of all common encrypted and unencrypted Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Applications, such as Bearshare, Limewire, Gnutella, Kazaa, etc.
Connection Limits Protects your network from malicious activities via Connection Limits. With a single-command, Connection Limits can be set for an IP, subnet, or the entire network. You can protect your networks from malicious activities, including worms that can hijack computers and quickly overwhelm networks with traffic storms. If any internal or external host starts sending large numbers of messages, it will automatically be contained before causing a wide-scale brownout.
Plug-n-play Low maintenance solution. Quick and easy set-up, typically one (1) hour or less. Out-of-the-box equalizing via “default” mode. Easily accessible to configure via parameters defined in the NetEqualizer web interface. Command-line interface supported.
Dynamic Real-Time Reporting (RTR) & Historical Reporting Dynamic Real-Time Reporting (RTR) is a new capability imbedded within the NetEqualizer Dashboard as of Software Update 7.1. With RTR, you will be able to slice and dice network usage and network process data in more meaningful ways, to help you better manage your network. Reports available include a sortable and searchable Active Connections Report, a Pools Usage Report, a report showing the Top 10 Bandwidth Users on your network, a Penalties Report (penalties being applied, removed, increased and decreased), a view of your configuration parameters, and a view into the processes running on your NetEqualizer.

We have added to RTR in Software Update 7.5 to include graphical Traffic Reports, as shown at right. With these reports, you can view upload and download usage for any IP address or for entire network over a selected period of time. Our Traffic Reports enable you to quickly see how busy your network has been over a period of time, or hone in on an individual IP for analysis.
As of Software Update 8.1 we have enhanced our reports to include history - you can now view from 1 hour up to 4 weeks of data on all our traffic graphs. We have also expanded your view to include the ability to graph by selected (tracked) Pools, IP addresses, subnets, VLANs, along with your entire network. And you can see all of this in the units that make the most sense for you (Mbps, MBps, Kbps, KBps). We have also added the NetEqualizer Log and Active Connections into our RTR Menu, to give you access to everything you need from one convenient place.

As of Software Update 8.3, we have expanded RTR to complete our reports offering. We have added visibility to shared bandwidth allocations ("pools"), current and historical penalties applied during shaping, a view into the top talkers on the network, and possible P2P traffic.
Active Connections Report Traffic by IP Graph Top Talkers Report
Advanced Capabilities (back to top)
CALEA Compliant Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) is a United States wiretapping law passed in 1994. The NetEqualizer acts as a CALEA Probe via packet capturing & forwarding.
*NEW* DDoS Monitor As of Software Update 8.2, we analyze unrequested incoming traffic to look for inbound traffic that occurs both at high frequency and is repeated a large number of times, which is behavior typical of a DDoS attack. We then provide visibility into this traffic to help you monitor your network.
*NEW* DDoS Firewall Once identified, DDoS traffic can be blocked (until the compromised servers and computers are fixed) using our new DDoS Firewall (DFW), which is available as an Add-on Module for the NetEqualizer.
HEOA Technology Deterrent Conforms to HEOA "technology-based deterrents" in the October 29th, 2009 ruling.
Bandwidth Quotas Ability to create and enforce individual Bandwidth Quotas by customer IP or entire subnets. The Professional Quota API provides custom configuration, monitoring/alarming, and reporting capabilities. The Professional Quota API will be of interest to you if you run a business that charges customers based on bandwidth usage.
NetEqualizer Caching Option NetEqualizer Caching OptionAvailable in NetEqualizer 5.0 Release. When NCO is activated, a squid proxy server is loaded, along with proprietary NetEqualizer Caching configuration and integration software. NCO is used to cache frequently used, static content, primarily YouTube videos. To learn more about this feature, read our YouTube FAQ. NetEqualizer Caching Option (NCO) is available on NE3000 & NE4000 series.
NetEqualizer Directory Integration As of Software Update 7.0, we are offering NetEqualizer Directory Integration (NDI).  NDI consists of a generic API that can be used by customers once they implement a function on their domain controller (DC) server.  Once set-up and configured, the NDI API provides names and associated IP addresses to the NetEqualizer, to be used in reporting.  We currently have added names to our basic live snapshot of equalizing activity, the “Active Connections” Report.  We are also offering Named Quotas, adding username capabilities to our Professional Quota API.  To learn more, read our NDI FAQ.