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GX2 Technology

From a joint press release. GX2 Technology was formerly known as Global Gossip:

GX2 Technology's President of US Operations, Sam Beskur, says "The use of the NetEqualizer greatly diminishes the need for hands-on bandwidth management. Our customers are located in areas where bandwidth is not easy to come by, and the NetEqualizer helps control that bandwidth so that one single user is not monopolizing it. We are thoroughly satisfied with the NetEqualizer’s remote management capabilities and its ease-of-use. We currently have NetEqualizers deployed at the Furnace Creek Resort in Death Valley National Park, throughout guest and employee accommodations in Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, and five Ohio State Parks. The NetEqualizer will be deployed with the Global Gossip system in several more US locations before the end of 2012."

GX2 Technology currently manages and maintains over three hundred wireless networks and kiosk internet sites around the world. Their wireless installations include some of the most remote and challenging locations on Earth, from central Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Fiji, to Yellowstone, Wyoming, the UK and Spain. GX2 Technology's unique HSIA product integrates seamlessly with NetEqualizer technologies to provide a highly structured internet access gateway, cloud based management tools, and 24/7 technical support. GX2 Technology has offices in Sydney, Australia, Denver, Colorado, and London, England. GX2 Technology can be found online at

Sam Beskur, President of US Operations, GX2 Technology

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nat consulting

"I've had an experience I'd like to share with you... Since last week, the WiFi vendor at 3 of my client's locations was insisting that the NetEqualizer was preventing users from having good Internet connections. They wanted the NetEqualizers to be disconnected.

Knowing that they were looking for a scapegoat, and picked the thing they knew very little about (NetEqualizer), I agreed to disconnect them, just to show them how the network would react... and it was day and night! As I knew would happen, complaints flooded the call center, people reported slow or no connections, delays, etc.

This was a very good way of showing them how effective NetEqualizers are. Their networks were in complete chaos without them! Needless to say, now they understand the value of NetEqualizer! The NetEqualizers are back online, and we are now taking steps to also add bandwidth at the 3 sites...."

Matias Pagola, CEO, NAT Consulting, Inc.

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"I bought my first NetEqualizers in 2004 when upgrading from a 2 Mbit to a 10 Mbit line. I'd been using Packeteer, but the NetEqualizer has proven much more affordable and efficient. It's been low maintenance, customizable, and the personal tech support has been great. The lower cost allowed me to put units throughout my expansive network, which is the Westernmost ISP in Canada. The price was what motivated me to test the system and the performance has kept me coming back."

Jim Pazarena, (

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(from emails to APconnections)

AirSpeed Wireless (part of Mascon) runs a fairly extensive wireless network and we use the NetEqualizer to keep traffic flowing smoothly even at peak times and under heavy load. The NetEq's give our wireless backhaul links as much as 50% more capacity without noticeably affecting customer service. This gives our equipment a longer lifespan and keeps bandwidth costs down, which is good for the bottom line.

Wood Lake Cable, part of Mascon Cable, provides Cable television, digital cable, high speed cable Internet, web hosting and netcall digital telephone in Winfield, BC, Canada.

There were three technical challenges for Wood Lake Cable. File sharing, was “killing” them and caused a ton of customer support issues. “People just don't realize what file sharing does to their Internet service,” said Darren Mulloin, IT Director. Secondly, they needed a way to ensure VoIP traffic was given priority over all other traffic. Lastly, they have many very high speed customers, (5 to 10 Megs), and they wanted them to be fast, but they didn't want them to dominate their network during peak hours.

“We looked at several products of this type, most were well over 20K and very complicated. NetEqualizer was affordable, easy to setup/manage, and has delivered excellent results.  Pay back was only a few months.”

The other companies they looked at offered all the functionality of the NetEqualizer, “but you needed a full time techno guru to run them, and some of them wanted service contracts so they could do all the support.  It just didn't make sense for us.”

“It was very easy to set up. The default settings were very close to what we have now and once configured, it has been running flawlessly.  I was expecting this type of gear to be a pain to look after, but we haven't had to touch it in months, it just runs and does the job,” said Mulloin.

“It is doing exactly what we hoped it would do, reduced our upstream bandwidth and allowed us to manage the downstream bandwidth hogs.”

Darren Muloin concludes: “We would absolutely recommend NetEqualizer to others in the field. We love it.”

Darren Mulion, IT Director, Mascon (Airspeed Wireless & Wood Lake Cable)

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Baring Wireless

(from emails to APconnections Support Team)

NetEqualizer, your Support Team rocks! When I had to upgrade my unit, your team walked me through every step and answered all of my questions (and I had a lot!). It made this such a smooth transition for me. I just wish all of my suppliers offered such great service - thanks again!

This is a longtime dream of mine to give free, safe, and secure internet to my community. It has been a long road making the dream come true. But with the NetEqualizer we now have the speed and QoS that is expected. Down right the best money that I have spent.

Charlie Preston, Baring Wireless

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Letaba Wireless Internet

(from email to members of the Wireless Access Providers Association of South Africa (wapa))

We’ve been contemplating buying a NetEqualizer for the last 2 or 3 years now. We recently took the plunge and purchased a NE3000-150 unit and I must say we are EXTREMELY happy with what it’s doing for our network. If you have the capital to purchase this piece of equipment YOU WILL NOT be disappointed.

Otto, Network Maintenance, Letaba Wireless Internet

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