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About APconnections

APconnections is an innovation-driven technology company that delivers best-in-class network traffic management solutions to give our customers faster networks, with zero maintenance, at the best prices.  We design and develop NetEqualizer bandwidth shaping appliances that solve Internet congestion issues while remaining easy-to-install, cost-effective, and low maintenance. We built our behavior-based "equalizing" technology to optimize critical network bandwidth resources.

"Faster Networks. Zero Maintenance. Best Prices."

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NetEqualizer Installation Map
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APconnections' mission has always been "to make networks work faster".  Our bandwidth shaping products simply and elegantly:

  • Relieve your network congestion, speeding up your network.
  • Increase user satisfaction, enabling you to give your network users a better online experience, and reducing user complaints.
  • Free up your network administrators to focus on other tasks.

Our diverse, global customer base includes many types of public and private organizations of all sizes, including: internet providers, universities, colleges, K-12 schools, corporations, law firms, hotels, hospitals, libraries, business centers, military, and government agencies.

Our company goal is to provide fully-featured traffic shaping products that are simple to install, easy to use, and require little maintenance.   Additionally, we believe that bandwidth shaping can be priced fairly, and so we offer what we believe to be the most cost-effective solution on the market.  To see for yourself, request our Price List.

APconnections is based in Lafayette, Colorado, USA.  We released our first commercial offering in July 2003, and since then thousands of customers all over the world have put our products into service.  Today, our flexible and scalable solutions can be found in Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, non-profits, military, and government agencies on six (6) continents.

About the NetEqualizer Product Family

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NetEqualizer appliances are behavior-based traffic shaping appliances designed to optimize your Internet connection, while giving priority to your important business and data applications. Our flexible, scalable, and cost-effective bandwidth shaping products can be deployed in both corporate and internet provider networks.

We solve network congestion issues. Competing demands for network resources and congestion are problems shared by network administrators and operators across the globe. Low-priority applications such as a large file downloads and video can clog your network, congesting and slowing down business-class applications, such as VoIP, email, web browsing, SaaS and cloud-based web applications.  The NetEqualizer solves these congestion issues by allocating bandwidth fairly based on the nature and behavior of the traffic, automatically optimizing business-critical applications.

Until the development of APconnections’ NetEqualizer product family, network administrators and operators who wanted to cost-effectively manage network congestion and quality of service(QoS) were forced to cobble together custom solutions.  This process turned a simple task into a labor-intensive exercise in custom software development.  Now, with the NetEqualizer product family from APconnections, network staff can purchase and quickly install a cost-effective turnkey traffic shaping solution.

NetEqualizer is available in a range of configurations from 10Mbps up to 5Gbps.  For more information on our features and detailed specifications, please review our Data Sheets.