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NetEqualizer Pricing

Please register to be contacted with current NetEqualizer Pricing. We can help you to determine which of our current models and configuration options are right for you.

We will review...

  • Pricing for current NetEqualizer models
  • Yearly Support (NSS) and yearly Hardware Warranty (NHW) pricing
  • License Upgrade pricing
  • Configuration options pricing for failover, redundancy, and fiber
  • Pricing for add-on modules such as the DDoS Firewall (DFW) and the NetEqualizer Caching Option (NCO)
  • Learn more about how we protect your investment with our Lifetime Buyers Protection Program.
  • Worried about the upfront cost? Consider if our Leasing Program is right for you.

Our pricing contains both our purchase and month-to-month lease options. All prices are in US dollars. Please contact us for purchasing options in your region.

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If you are interested in learning more about the NetEqualizer product series, or would like to schedule a technical consultation, please call 303.997.1300 x103 or email

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