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NetEqualizer and Hidden Nodes: A Real Solution to a Virtual Problem

The Hidden Node problem is resolved by all products in the NetEqualizer product family.  However, this study specifically mentions the AirEqualizer product, which has since been replaced by the NetEqualizer. The NetEqualizer is used by WISPs and ISPs in the field.

University of Limerick

An independent study by the University of Limerick validates that Equalizing technology solves the Hidden Node issue.

University of Limerick Study University of Limerick Technical White Paper NetEqualizer 3000 Data Sheet contact us

In addition to resolving the Hidden Node Problem

NetEqualizer also offers the following to Internet Providers...

Eliminates Access Point (AP) brown outs and lock ups

APs frequently suffer brownouts and lockups.  NetEqualizer automatically relieves congestion between AP and network or AP and Internet when usage levels reach 85% (or any chosen limit).

Limits P2P (peer-to-peer) Traffic

Handling overloads from p2p applications can be labor-intensive.  NetEqualizer prevents overloads by preventing any single host from opening more than a set amount of connections.  Connection Limits allow customers to protect their APs from malicious activities, including:

  • Worms that can hijack computers and quickly overwhelm access points with traffic storms.
  • P2P applications that bog down traffic and render firewalls useless if left unchecked.

Provides Visibility

NetEqualizer offers key reporting features, including the ability to view connected wireless clients.

Easy-to-use, low-cost solution

NetEqualizer is economical because it simplifies a very complex process, by shaping traffic based on built-in fairness rules. NetEqualizer looks at current usage, including traffic levels and application types, and does not require manually-set policies.  When the AP is congested, NetEqualizer’s fairness algorithm favors business-class applications so that large downloads and video do not slow down latency-sensitive applications such as VoIP, email, web browsing, and web applications.

NetEqualizer adds latency to non-priority flows that use excessive bandwidth over a period of time. If the flow continues to use too much bandwidth, its latency is further increased, automatically.  It’s easy to exempt latency-sensitive, business critical applications that need substantial bandwidth.


  • Installs in minutes
  • Automatically controls excessive use by non-priority users
  • Ensures high quality for VoIP and priority users
  • Dramatically reduces help desk and service calls
  • Enables real-time changes to your configuration. Built-in flexibility allows administrators and operators to change all settings in real-time, with no effect on access point service quality.

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